Mathew Browning

Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer

Mathew Browning

Credentials: BSc, FFin, MRICS, GAICD

Committee: People and nominations

Mathew is the former general manager of The Myer Family Company (MFCo). He has over 30 years' experience in financial, property and professional services in roles across Australia, Asia and the UK in both commercial and for-purpose organisations. During a decade at MFCo, Mathew was head of investment and chief operating officer before taking on the role of general manager. Previously, he co-founded a boutique fund manager focused on global healthcare equities targeting both wholesale and retail investors.

Mathew’s signature strength is in bringing fresh strategic thinking, pragmatism and agility to nascent business opportunities and established businesses. He is passionate about building great teams that help businesses flourish and have a tangible impact on the success of people's lives.

Current appointments:

  • Deputy Chair, Investment Committee, Trinity Grammar School, Kew

Previous appointments:

  • Council Member, Trinity Grammar School, Kew
  • Chair, Investment Committee, Trinity Grammar School, Kew
  • Member, Finance and Risk Committee, Trinity Grammar School, Kew

Ethical investment marries the practices of prudent financial stewardship with values. It's more than risk management—it's doing the right thing. I find it has a natural affinity with my longstanding beliefs in both conservative economics and social progress. For me, it's simply head and heart in harmony.

U Ethical exudes ethical authenticity; there is no 'greenwashing' here. And with loyal clients equally committed to investing with purpose through a wonderful platform for growth, I am excited by the scalability of the impact we are achieving.