Our community contribution – disability support

By Ciaran McCormack

We are unusual in the funds management sector in that we are a not-for-profit social enterprise. Every year, we contribute the majority of our operating surplus to a range of community programs, one of which is disability inclusion.

Elderly parents care for many adults with disabilities in Australia, and these families face the challenge of providing suitable housing for when the parents can no longer care for their disabled family member. With a shortage of suitable housing and the difficulty of navigating government agencies, it is not enough simply to build more housing; adults with disabilities need greater support.

In Victoria, U Ethical has contributed to the provision of a carer support worker, Samantha Menzies, who has a crucial role to play in helping families on the Mornington Peninsula. She guides them to find the help and care that their loved ones need, and helps parents (many of them elderly) navigate housing and care options for their children.

In FY2019, our annual community contribution was $3.1 million. We are proud to have been able to contribute $61.8 million since 1995.

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