Payment process updates

A new investment process - beginning 6 September 2021

From 6 September 2021, our BPAY facility will be extended with each investment product receiving its own BPAY code to enable more efficient funding of your U Ethical account. Available for amounts under $1 million, you’ll be able to contribute to your account when you want, without having to complete additional forms.

Contributions of $1 million and over, will continue to be completed by electronic funds transfer. Please note our bank details have changed and transfers must be accompanied with an additional investment form, available from 6 September.

Please be conscious of the minimum contribution amounts that apply to your product. See the relevant product disclosure statement or information memorandum for more information.

Contributions below $1 million

For contributions below $1 million, please use the BPAY codes below.

Your reference number for each payment is your account number.

Product NameBiller CodeMinimum additional investment amount
International Equities Trust - Wholesale354597$10,000
Australian Equities Trust - Wholesale354589$10,000
Growth Portfolio354548no mimimum
Diversified Income Trust - Wholesale354639$10,000
Enhanced Income Trust - Wholesale354613$10,000
Cash Management Trust - Wholesale354621$10,000
Australian Equities Trust - Retail354555$200
Cash Management Trust - Retail354563no minimum
Funeral Fund354571no minimum

These codes will be available to use from 6 September 2021. The existing contribution process will be phased out by 30 September 2021.

Contributions $1 million and over

Bank transfer payments are available on request, for amounts $1 million and over. Please contact our Client Service Team on 1800 996 888 or for more information.

New transaction and settlement cut off times for market linked products

From 6 September 2021, the below times will apply for transactions, applications and redemptions

ProductTransaction cut off timeSettlement - redemptionsSettlement - applications
Enhanced Income Trust - Wholesale1pmTransaction day +2Transaction day +1
Diversified Income Trust - Wholesale1pmTransaction day +2Transaction day +1
Growth Portfolio1pmTransaction day +2Transaction day +1
Australian Equities Trust - Wholesale1pmTransaction day +2Transaction day +1
International Equities Trust - Wholesale1pmTransaction day +2Transaction day +1
Australian Equities Trust - Retail1pmTransaction day +2Transaction day +1