Enhanced Cash Trust - W

A managed fund with investments including enhanced cash and fixed income securities.


To generate income and preserve capital while limiting harm and creating positive impact through the implementation of U Ethical’s ethical investment policy.


Compare favourably with comparable enhanced cash products.

Outperform benchmark after fees over rolling 2 year periods.

Benefits and risks

  • Minimum investment horizon - 2 years
  • Low risk profile
  • A diversified ethically screened portfolio
  • Who can invest?

    • Trustees (including superannuation trustees)
    • Companies
    • Partnerships
    • Entities registered as a Tax Concession Charity
    • Individual investors
  • Minimum investment


  • Management costs

    Estimated up to 0.70% p.a.1

  • Buy/sell spread

    0.05% / 0.05%

  • Income distributions

    Half yearly (30 June, 31 December)

  • Additional contributions

    Anytime by electronic transfer, direct debit or cheque

  • Redemptions

    Each business day2

  • Inception date

    1 July 2020

  • Benchmark

    3 month Bank Bill Swap Rate +1%

  1. No fees for establishment, contributions, redemptions or exit. Management costs apply
  2. Subject to conditions. Please read the Information Memorandum. Valid redemption requests received before 3.00 p.m. on a business day will be processed the next business day at the price applicable on the day of receipt of the request, subject to the Trust's liquidity.

U Ethical Enhanced Cash Portfolio Distributions

Period To Rate of return (per annum)
December 2019 2.25%
June 2019 2.60%
December 2018 2.60%
June 2018 2.60%
December 2017 2.50%
June 2017 2.70%
December 2016 2.70%
June 2016 3.00%
December 2015 3.00%
June 2015 3.60%

From 1 July 2020, assets of the U Ethical Enhanced Cash Portfolio were transferred into the U Ethical Enhanced Cash Trust (Wholesale), U Ethical Cash Management Trust (Wholesale) and U Ethical Diversified Income Trust (Wholesale). The product distribution data shown is for the U Ethical Enhanced Cash Portfolio up to 31 December 2019.

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