U Ethical Funeral Fund

A simple way to help cover funeral expenses for your family. Your investment and accumulated interest will be put towards funeral expenses with any remaining balances paid to your estate. And as with all our investment options you won’t lose money to entry, exit or transaction fees.


The Funeral Fund invests directly in the U Ethical Enhanced Cash Portfolio, a diversified portfolio of cash and fixed income securities.


  • Investment and accumulated interest to be put towards funeral expenses
  • Remaining balances paid to your estate
  • No entry, exit or transaction fees
  • Who can invest?

    Individual investors

  • Minimum investment


  • Management fees

    1.15% p.a. 1

  • Income distributions

    Half yearly (30 June, 31 December)

  • Additional contributions

    Anytime by electronic transfer, direct debit or cheque

  • Redemptions

    The executor must present invoices or proof of payment for funeral expenses to U Ethical. Any remaining balances will be paid to your estate.

  • Maximum investment amount

    Indexed annually (Check current amount)

    Funeral Fund investments are exempt from the assets test. For more information, please see the Offer Document or the Social Security Law website

  • Inception date

    2 Feb 1997

  • Fund Size


1 No fees for establishment, contributions, redemptions or exit. From 4 July 2019, management fees are 1.15% p.a and recoverable expenses are 0.05% p.a. The Trust’s investment in the U Ethical Enhanced Cash Portfolio is not charged any management costs.

U Ethical Funeral Fund income

For 30 September 2019

Fund 3 months % 6 months % 1 year % 5 year % p.a. 10 years % p.a. 20 years % p.a. Inception % p.a. Inception date Fund size (million)
Funeral Fund 0.54 1.11 2.25 2.57 3.62 4.29 4.38 2 Feb 1997 4.54

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