Testing of all modules

This page just outlines all the various modules that can be created on many of the Single and Pages.

Testing header

This is the sub header with basic formatting.

Testing a split content for

Black heading copy

This is a split content module

But this one is centered.

This is slightly more impacting that the left/right aligned so use wisely.


The main event

This is the usual content module.

There are many things you can do within this.

Formatting can be adjusted


Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

You can also bold, italic

You might want to list out your content.

  • Which can be done as unordered
  • which is good for dot points

Or you might want to create an ordered list

  1. useful for steps
  2. Or processes
  3. or reasons?

Linking within this content module is the same for many others.

You just highlight the word and it goes to another page within the site.

You can link a category and it goes straight to it. This means a direct link to products.

Or simply just send the user to another site with an external URL.

Inserting an image is simple, although there is a specific module. Please note that if you click the image within the WYSIWYG you have some editing options like cropping and rotating.

The header for this one is going to be longer

The sub heading is going to have various formats to showcase what is possible. Bold format good for the important information Italic breaks up the normal text and useful for annotations or quotes in mid-sentences I can also add a link to another page - external or internal. With the Sub heading you can't use the ENTER option otherwise it will format the text incorrectly.

A footnote

This just formats the text in a way that is less intrusive than if you were to create in a normal WYSIWYG.

its a lot smaller text wise and appears like disclaimers, or legal terms that may need to be applied. Remember you can link off to more detailed documentation if required.


We wouldn't put more than 4 tabbed content within the one page

Otherwise this becomes cluttered

  • Simple list Heading

    Some basic information for you

    • You can list like this
    • Which makes it simple to understand
    • Or you can
  • Adding more rows

    Just write paragraphs of text

The quote heading - remember to add it to the section first

The last tabbed piece of content.

Blog Module

A nice way to promote some blog pieces that might be relevant to the page/product.

Stats highlight


Around some piece of information


You can use whatever $,%,^ variables to highlight the stat


just dont overdo the stats.

Comparison Table

One of many tables that can be created.

This is for the little icon tables to appear

We have prefilled as many icons as possible, so if you need more you will need to talk to us.

  • You can desribe any Icon as to whatever you like

  • Although it might be wise to just label it as what the icon is called

Subscribe module

The form should prepopulate automatically beside this text.


FAQ Module

You basic accordian

This helps to hide information not necessarily important.

Not just useful for FAQ's but could be used for resources as well.


Period To Distribution Amount (cents per unit) Reinvestment price ($)
December 2018 3.14 1.4173
June 2018 3.14 1.4173
June 2017 3.14 1.4173
December 2016 3.14 1.4173
June 2016 3.14 1.4173
December 2017 3.14 1.4173
June 2017 3.14 1.4173
December 2017 3.14 1.4173

Transaction prices for 26 Nov 2020

Funds Entry Exit

You can also just add more information under the tabbed content

This would be like creating a normal page.